About Us

There are a lot of things in life that have the potential to drive a person crazy. Your boss. Your significant other. Your kids. Your parents. Your mother-in-law. Any one of those could send you over the edge, but you can take solace in knowing tomorrow will be a better day. You can weather that storm in the moment, because you know the moment will pass. What happens when you throw a lockdown-inducing stay-at-home order in response to a global pandemic into the mix though? What do you do then?Duh. You start a banana bread baking company obviously!As an interior designer, Estee Stanley knows what it’s like to be stuck in a home staring at its walls. As a wardrobe stylist, Leah Smith is all too familiar with a room full of empty wardrobe racks. We think it's totally bananas that Lawerence Longo owner of "Burgers Never Say Die", "Prince Street Pizza LA", and "Off The Menu" would decide to be part of this madness. None of them know very much about baking, which is what makes this nuts! This is what happens when you've Gone Bananas!